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Jan 19, 2017,  Tajamul Islam,, who got her name written in History books after clinching a gold in the sub-junior category of world kickboxing championship in Italy recently, has now taken up the cudgels for fellow Kashmiri and Dangal actress, Zaira Wasim. Zaira, who floored everyone as young Geeta Phogat in her latest film, was forced to issue a public apology on social media, after her meeting with Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Muftitriggered a backlash, with trolls using filthiest of language and threats against her. The firebrand kickboxer from the valley offers unconditional support and words of solace to Zaira, in a candid telechat…

Fight for your honour
By her own admission, Tajamul is a big fan of Zaira and adds, “Since the day I have seen Dangal, I have been wanting to meet Zaira didi. Maa kasam, kya film hai! I really loved the way Zaira didi fights and wins.” Tell her that these days, the young actress has gone into a shell after being abused by the trolls, and the tiny world champ says, “She must not allow herself to get bogged down by people and their utterances. They would say all kinds of things at all times, but she must fight for her honour and that of her family. I just want to tell her — ‘Zaira didi daro mat, muhtod jawab do; poora India aapke saath hai’.”

She may be heartbroken
You are amazed by the sensitivity shown by a child as she says, “You know, I want to meet Zaira didi. Dar toh unhe pehle bhi laga hoga. But maybe she does not want to meet anyone right now; in fact she may be heartbroken. But, she must fight this battle and win.” Ask her if she is afraid of people who abuse others and Tajamul replies quite fearlessly, “Main kissi se nahin darti. Mujhe Allah Tala ne bahut hausla diya hai. Darne se kaam nahin chalega.”

Survival with a smile
Tajamul, who stays in Tarkpora village in Bandipora district of Kashmir, is busy fighting her own battles these days, with sub-zero temperatures and a shortage of electricity. Ask her how she manages remain so brave despite living in such harsh conditions, and the girl with a dimpled smile says with a laugh, “We Kashmiris learn to survive the snow at home and outside easily. Aur mujhe toh waise bhi jeetne ka junoon hai.”


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