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Jan, 15, 2017: Gone are the days when one could safely assume that a woman looking for a relationship would be in it only for the long haul. Young women these days don’t like to commit in a jiffy. Sometimes, they could just be looking for a fling. Experts say that ‘no-strings-attached’ relationship is becoming equally popular among women. There are general signs and body language mannerisms (not foolproof) which can help guys decipher what a woman wants.

Does she always stand too close to you?
A. Yes. All the time.
B. Sometimes.
C. Not really.

Too many discreet, unexpected touches? Like brushing against your legs when you sit next to each other, holding your arm in a cute way or grazing her shoulder against your torso..
A. Yes, I have noticed all of this.
B. She is not averse to the idea of indulging in a little PDA when we hang out.
C. No, she does not ever do all this.

Does she tease you a lot when you are together?
A. Yes, it is all harmless banter and her fondness for me is evident.
B. Quite often. But it is a two-way thing and she takes it all sportingly.
C. She does not only tease me, but actually makes fun of me in public.

Sex is a topic that we converse on frequently…
A. We are curious about each other’s fantasies and we discuss stuff sometimes.
B. Yes, we have fun making sleazy jokes sometimes.
C. No. I can’t even broach that subject with her.

She invites you to her house post get-together and parties…
A. Yes. We are comfortable around each other and hang out at her house sometimes.
B. Rarely and she always refuses to come to my house.
C. No. Never.

Her responses to your texts/ calls are…
A. Immediate. Sometimes flirtatious but mostly meaningful and her effort to make conversation shows.
B. Delayed. She takes times but makes it a point to respond.
C. She rarely responds to texts. Sometimes, she forgets to ring me back if she misses my call.
Your scores
Mostly As
She is totally into you and is probably looking for a serious relationship. You both seem to have something going and it might be a good idea to go out together more often to figure out what how compatible you both are. A committed relationship might just be what you both need.

Mostly Bs

She likes you and probably considers you eye candy. But she might just be looking for a casual fling. Do not expect her to commit to you after just a few dates. But if you really like her, try to develop this into something more meaningful.

Mostly Cs
Dude, you are knocking on the wrong door! She is so not into you. Please take the hint and move on.

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