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Washington, Jan 19 (IANS) President-elect Donald Trump said that while he doesn’t like Twitter, he will continue to use it from the White House because is the only way he can “counteract dishonest press”, media reports said.

“Look, I don’t like tweeting,” he said in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday. “I have other things I could be doing. But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press. And it’s my only way that I can counteract.”

During the election campaign, Trump often used his Twitter account to make announcements, attack rivals and criticize the media, Efe news reported.

On Wednesday, two days before he is to be sworn-in as the 45th president of the United States, Trump posted a series of tweets blasting a major media outlet.

“Totally biased NBC News went out of its way to say that the big announcement from Ford, G.M., Lockheed & others that jobs are coming back to the U.S., but had nothing to do with TRUMP, is more FAKE NEWS. Ask top CEO’s (sic) of those companies for real facts. Came back because of me,” he wrote on Twitter.

Around 50 Democratic members of the House of Representatives have said they will not attend Friday’s inauguration ceremony in protest over Trump’s harsh response after Republican John Lewis, a veteran of the civil rights movement, said that the real estate mogul would not be a “legitimate” President.

Professing indifference to the boycott, Trump told Fox he hoped the lawmakers would send him their tickets so he could accommodate additional guests.


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