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Los Angeles, Jan 9 (IANS) Actor Tom Hardy has slammed beefy modern action hero roles, saying he finds them boring to play.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Hardy, known for playing gritty roles in action films such as Mad Max: Fury Road and The Dark Knight Rises, also said he believes that villains have lost their individuality.

He also drew a distinction between Harrison Ford’s 1980s Indiana Jones and Australian actor Chris Hemsworth’s more recent portrayal of Thor in several Marvel Universe films.

Hardy said: “One was allowed to express personal characteristics… Now you’ve got to look like you’ve just come off a vegan diet, gone to the gym, part Navy Seal, really clean-valued, clean-living, moralistic — and then you go out and save the world from an impending danger that isn’t really dangerous at all.

“And it becomes not committed to any sense of the gubbins of reality: I don’t recognise this man.”


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