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By Anil Sharma

Jaipur, Jan 20 (IANS) Known for his sharp takes on Twitter and on other public platforms, Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor on Friday expressed his resentment at the naming of public structures after political figures, particularly from “one family”, in a session at the Jaipur Literature Festival here.

Kapoor said that he feels it is injustice to several prominent figures from all other walks of life as roads, buildings, bridges and hospitals are all named after political leaders.

“There are so many structures and roads named after the Gandhi family in Delhi alone. Is it necessary to have it in such numbers? What purpose does it serve?”

“I was angry when I saw a bridge being named after Rajiv Gandhi. I mean it may be a way of paying respect, good that he was there but why name structures after him even now? Can you ignore the contribution of Lata Mangeshkar or JRD Tata? Why not name these structures after such figures rather than political leaders,” Kapoor asked in response to a question on his controversial Twitter posts.

In conversation with author and professor of Indian Culture and Cinema at the University of London, Rachel Dwyer, Kapoor was here to discuss his just-launched book “Khullam Khulla.”

“I have no complaints against any one family but when I saw structures being named after the family, it irked me because there are so many others like Lata Mangeshkar and JRD Tata who have contributed to Mumbai.

“Whichever political party comes, they name the structures and yojnas after them. I think the constitution should ban the naming of such structures after politicians,” he said.

The 65-year-old actor also said that he has no political inclinations and does not wish to join any political party as he is “content, happy and satisfied” with his life.

Kapoor wished that more people from Bollywood and other walks of life came forward and expressed their concerns over important matters on social media.

Later, addressing a press conference here, Kapoor said that demonetisation has had no effect on Bollywood as there is no “stashed money” in the film industry.

“I can tell you Bollywood has not been affected by demonetisation. There is no stashed money there. It is the real estate and the black market that is, rightly, suffering,” he contended.

Responding to a question on his inclination towards the presemt government, Kapoor said: “I have no political ambitions and I am not a BJP chamcha. I say and do what I feel is right. I spoke against the beef ban. I am not doing any chamchagiri,” he mainatained.

(Saket Suman is in Jaipur at the invitation of Teamwork arts. He can be contacted at saket.s@ians.in)


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