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New Delhi, Jan 18 (IANS) 64-year-old Rishi Kapoor, who is presently touring the country to promote his recently-released autobiography Khullam Khulla: Uncensored, said that his son Ranbir would not like to be a father like him.

“Ranbir feels that when he is going to have kids, he is not going to be like me. It’s a generation gap. I cannot be a friend to a son. You must accept me the way I am,” Rishi said.

Speaking on his relationship with his 34-year-old son Ranbir, Rishi said that both he and Ranbir don’t like discussing personal lives and that his approach to fatherhood stems from the kind of father late Raj Kapoor was.

“For me Raj Kapoor was not only a father. He was my guru, whatever I am today is because of him. When we were kids we knew that we were children of someone very important because wherever we went people looked at us as Raj Kapoor’s sons,” Rishi said.

Rishi added that he never argued with his father Raj Kapoor and the kind of relationship he had with him, he passed on to the one between Ranbir and himself.

“I really want that there should be love and respect between us,” Rishi said, “I am not the type of guy, who will ask him (Ranbir) to share secrets of his girlfriends and all that. I am sorry. It’s my failure. I want there to be a wall between me and him where I can see him, but can’t feel him.”

Rishi revealed that since he would be away working most of the time, Ranbir gradually got closer to his mother Neetu.

“Probably he felt that he needs his father, but I’m sorry I just can’t,” Rishi said.



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