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Los Angeles, Jan 23 (IANS) Hollywood star Matt Damon finds his Chinese co-star Lu Han down to earth.

Damon had not heard of Lu Han before joining the cast on the sets of “The Great Wall”, but soon realised the performer’s idol status, read a statement from Universal Pictures India.

“Before his first night of shooting, Lu Han had 400 flower arrangements sent by fans. They filled the entire hotel hallway. Apparently, when he travels to location, fans will buy up all of the tickets on the plane or the train he’s riding. It was a little overwhelming.

“But, if I hadn’t been told Lu Han is as huge a star as he is, I wouldn’t know by the way he carries himself. He’s so down-to-earth,” said Damon.

In the film, Lu Han plays the role of Peng Yong, a soldier struggling under the command of the Bear Corps’ Gen. Damon stars as William Garin, a battle-scarred mercenary and master archer taken captive by a secret army of elite warriors known as The Nameless Order.

“The Great Wall” is set to release in India on February 3.


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