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London, Jan 22 (IANS) Singer Ed Sheeran says he celebrates his success by buying himself children’s toys and so, he has lots of “kids’ stuff”.

The 25-year-old is worth an estimated 45 million pounds thanks to his best-selling tracks and sell-out tours. He said during “The Graham Norton Show” that he has treated himself to an assortment of cuddly toys, reports mirror.co.uk.

“When my album went to number one, I bought the Death Star Lego kit – it was time. And, when my goddaughter wanted a Ninja Turtle, I got her one and bought myself the Ninja Turtle truck,” he said.

“I have a load of kids’ stuff – a room full of teddy bears and two giant pandas in my bedroom.”

Sheeran, who recently returned to the limelight following a year off, said that he took his Lego set when he went on a date because he could not wait to build it.

“I once went on a date, brought a Lego set with me and while we were chatting, I made the set and then left,” the “Castle on the hill” hitmaker said.


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