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Los Angeles, Jan 11 (IANS) Actress Claire Danes says she was in agony over her acting choices before “Homeland” came along.

In the February issue of Marie Claire, the 37-year-old actress talked about what motivates her to take such complex characters and why she feels like her role as CIA agent Carrie Matheson is perfect for her, reports dailymail.co.uk.

She said: “My goal is always to do something that feels just beyond my reach, and ‘Homeland’ continues to do that. Every season, they find new ways to scare me. The show is like a diamond that fell from the sky. I’ll always feel slightly bludgeoned by it, but in the best way possible.”

The Emmy Award winner went on to explain how she struggled through a two-year break from acting while waiting to find more meaningful roles and characters. Then “Homeland” came along.

“It was a nightmare. I was in such agony. I had been so stimulated and energized, and I felt really robust and capable and eager. But I couldn’t go back to the ingenue role or the limited secretary-type roles. I wanted to play someone who would move the story forward,” she said.


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