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Kolkata, Jan 14 (IANS) Noted lyricist Gulzar heaped praise on music director Shantanu Moitra for retaining the aura of Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry and blending modernism in the non-film album “Gulzar in Conversation with Tagore”.

The album features seven songs based on Hindi translations of Tagore’s poems. In the project led by Gulzar, the songs have been set to tune by Moitra. It also includes singers Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan.

Talking about the composition “Singaar Ko Rehne Do” rendered by Ghoshal, Gulzar said he requested Moitra to collaborate on the album.

“I requested him, ‘Let’s do something together’. It looks modern, it looks (in sync) with today’s time and yet retains the aura of Rabindra sangeet. The experiment which Shantanu has done is (that) he has not deviated from the school of Tagore, yet he has modernised it as Tagore did in his own times,” Gulzar told a TV channel here.


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