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Los Angeles, Jan 15 (IANS) Late singer George Michael’s former lover Carlos Arturo Ortiz believes that an “overdose” may have been the cause of the “Careless whisper” hitmaker’s death.

“I thought something was going to happen to him. I had an intuitive feeling about it last year. And it seems very coincidental to me that he was found dead on Christmas Day (2016) because he told me he hated Christmas as there were never any children around. For me it is, sadly, a possibility he may have overdosed,” Ortiz told mirror.co.uk.

“George’s death knocked me sideways, although it didn’t surprise me. I found him a lovely down-to-earth man, but also a very melancholic person who I feared might one day take his own life. He told me he was addicted to anti-depressant medicine and trying to wean himself off it and confessed he was unhappy,” he added.

Ortiz also said Michael wasn’t happy with his life.

“We talked about his superstar status and I told him I thought that with his fame and talent and money he had all he needed to be happy in life. But when he started talking about the anti-depressants he took I asked him outright if he was happy in life and he replied, ‘No, I’m not’,” Ortiz said.


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