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New Delhi, Jan 20 (IANS) It is time to take a cue for fashion from the 1980s era. Go for tracksuits, add some ruffles and play with neons to get it right, says an expert.

Shrestha Runthala, Myntra Fashion Stylist, lists some 1980s’ dressing styles.

* Try the tracksuits: This 1980s trend fits right into the current Athleisure craze. Just avoid flashy colours that can be sighted from far away and pick neutral hues with a pop of colour. But if that isn’t 1980s enough, try tracksuits of velvet or velour.

* Put power on the shoulders: Power shoulders will replace cold shoulders soon. So, give in to the 1980s bulk and carry some weight around. Choose from blazers, jackets and coats with padding around the clavicle.

* Dabble with neons: Hoard loads of bright clothing and accessories and team them with neutrals to create a refreshing look every day. Go ahead and have fun with this fad.

* Ruffle up some ruffles: Tiny, small or huge, stock ruffles in all sizes because a 1980s wardrobe would feel very lonely without them. Flaunt these feminine details atop shirts, dresses, tops and skirts.


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