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Mumbai, Jan 18 (IANS) Vaani Kapoor, who starred in Aditya Chopras 2016 film Befikre, hopes the “fantastic rumour” that she has signed another film with the filmmaker with superstar Shah Rukh Khan comes true.

Vaani said: “I hope that happens. It is a fantastic rumour which I hope turns into a reality. However, I have no idea about it. As of now, I am not in this movie.”

Asked about her forthcoming films, the 28-year-old said: “Nothing is planned. I am reading scripts right now. I haven’t signed anything. There is nothing I can talk about. Whenever something will come, I will make an announcement.”

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Sun on my face, wind in my hair, music in my ears and peace in my soul #life❤️

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“I think ‘Befikre’ has got a polarised response. Some people absolutely loved it and some didn’t feel connected with the film. I feel the film is a little bit ahead of its time.”
“It is a romantic comedy and I don’t know what else can be expected out of it. All I know is that there are people who have given a lot of love to the film and I am counting that.”

Talking about her different look in the film, she said she hasn’t gone under the knife and doesn’t want to explain further.

“I am tired of answering to it again and again. I would prefer to go and bang my head on the wall. I really don’t want to comment on it. I feel by commenting, I will be giving importance to those people who are coming up with such statements. It is ridiculous for me to give an answer. It’s so irrelevant,” she said.


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