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Los Angeles, Jan 9 (IANS) Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon poked fun at US President-elect Donald Trump by cracking jokes on him during his opening monologue at the 74th Golden Globe Awards.

While talking about this year’s nominations, Fallon landed on “Game of Thrones” and compared Trump to one of the show’s most hated characters.

“(‘Game of Thrones’) has so many plot twists and shocking twists, a lot of people have wondered what it would’ve been like if King Joffrey had lived. Well, in 12 days we’re going to find out,” Fallon said while hinting at Trump’s upcoming presidential inauguration on January 20.

Fallon also took a shot at performers at the inaugural ball for Trump.

“The film ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ is nominated. The character has been dubbed the world’s worst opera singer and even she turned down performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. It’s tough to book,” he said.

Fallon also talked about the ongoing controversy surrounding Russia’s alleged hacking of the presidential campaign in favour of Trump.

When introducing the accounting company that tabulates the Golden Globes votes, Fallon inserted Russia’s president into the group, referring to it as “the firm of Ernst and Young and Putin.”

The Golden Globes 2017 are taking place at The Beverly Hiltons in Beverly Hills, California.

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