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Los Angeles, Jan 12 (IANS) Actor Doug Jones, who is essaying the title role in forthcoming horror movie “The Bye Bye Man”, says he is scared of dogs.

Jones had a hard time shooting with a dog, who is seen in the movie as Gloomsinger.

Jones, known for his roles in science fiction and horror genres, is playing the character of The Bye Bye Man. The story revolves around three friends who stumble upon the horrific origins of The Bye Bye Man, a mysterious figure.

Gloomsinger is The Bye Bye Man’s voice and eyes.

“There’s an unpredictable element to that. We don’t know how the dog’s behaviour’s going to go. And especially, when you are working with a dog that is 10 pounds heavier than you are,” Jones said in a statement.

After initial hesitation, the actor’s fear turned into affection for the dog, whose name was Nico.

He said: “He’s really a people’s dog. He loved the attention. He loved the hands on him. He loved greeting everybody every morning. He’s better than most people are in a full costume. I have heard actors cry and cuss and moan about costumes like Nico’s. He was really a great addition to the movie and he’s another terrifying image that the audience can take home to be haunted by for months and months.”

“The Bye Bye Man”, which is being brought to India by PVR Pictures, will release in the country on January 20.


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